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Tuesday, October 7th, 2008
12:49 pm
A Post About My Game
I haven't written anything in quite a while now. There really has not been anything to write about. We are running a module and everyone* has been there every week so no reason to write a recap. Though, I wouldn't really want to anyway. Nothing like recapping a module to drain my life force away. Not since Dead Gods have I ran a module worth blogging about.

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Thursday, August 14th, 2008
3:18 am
this was awesome!!!

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Tuesday, August 12th, 2008
6:40 am
ok its not so game related, its just plain funny
I got this from ellen's journal so she gets all the credit. Seriously though its just plain good mirth


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Friday, August 8th, 2008
2:09 am
On The Horizon
Don't fret my chibis I am not planning to switch games again so soon. I just wanted to toss out some of the campaign ideas I have brewing in the back of my mind for the future.

Planescape: In AD&D 2nd Edition Planescape was my favorite published campaign setting produced by TSR. It even birthed my all time favorite RPG, Planescape: Torment. Nothing published by TSR or their successors has come close to topping it for me. The Planescape game I DMed with my original group of players was perhaps one of the most successful games I have ever had the pleasure to run. It was the only one of our games to, not only survive the transition from 2nd to 3rd, but thrive afterward.

In December Wizards of the Coast will be releasing the latest edition of The Manual of the Planes. With this book I believe we will be able to create our own Planescape game. Unlike Twilight this will not be a direct sequel to one of my previous group's ventures. Though it will still be Planescape at its heart the multiverse has changed drastically from 3rd to 4th. This will be a new and exciting experience for new and old players alike.

The Mist (working title): Completely based on Stephen King's The Mist, this game would take place on Earth after a rift to another dimension has been opened. Though the game will begin in a similar fashion to the above mentioned story it will continue long after the characters set out into the unknown. They will find that the world they know so well has become an alien landscape infested with strange wildlife and even stranger people. During their journey they will discover new abilities within themselves that they never dreamed possible. If they have what it takes they will use these abilities to help save their world.

This campaign will be directly linked to Twilight as it takes place on the world Marissa left behind when Milon summoned her to the Dark Realm. Her forbidden departure from her reality had dire consequences for the Earth she left behind. Below I will list some of the other sources of inspiration I will be using for this game: Silent Hill, Jacob's Ladder, Hellraiser, RIFTS, Event Horrizon, Halflife, and the stories of H.P Lovecraft.

A Space Odyssy: Whether we play in The Star Wars Universe or one of our own making, the Star Wars Saga system is a brilliant vehicle for a science fiction story. In my personal opinion it might be better to create our own galaxy far, far away so we can be free of Lucas' stories. The system is a bit different than 4th Edition so I would not even consider starting such a game until I am confident that we are all comfortable with the 4E rules.
Thursday, August 7th, 2008
2:42 am
Old Thomas
So, as it turns out Old Thomas, made famous during my Planescape game, is one of the three fates! Who would have guessed? Not me to tell the truth. Since his inception I had big plans for Old Thomas. He was meant to be a higher being that helped guide the PCs when they needed a bit of a helping hand. However, I never imagined I would tie him into the Fulcrum mythology as a being more powerful than even Azrion. He made his first modern appearance last game, the first Twilight game. There he revealed his nature to Ezion and alluded to the existence of at least two other beings who server the same purpose as himself as well as one other entity that serves a very different purpose.
Wednesday, August 6th, 2008
1:32 pm
Cameron and Vivin vs. The Keep on the Shadowfell
Aaron and Amy's classic side characters Cameron the Mage and Vivin the Handler are being resurrected in Fourth Edition! The two inseparable companions survived the end of the of the old multiverse and are ready create some mayhem and foolishness in the new one. Along for the ride are two our classic Planescape NPCs; Ariander Tataleus the grey elf priest of Death and Thu'gal the githyanki pariah. These four cosmic orphans find themselves in a new world, a prime world, in danger of being overtaken by their most powerful foe, Orcus.

The purpose of this endeavor is so that Aaron, Amy, and myself can learn the new system on our off time. Though I will admit there are more selfish reasons for doing this as well, namely having fun. We will be running the fourth edition module series H1-H3. This does not mean we won't run these modules later on with the full group, unless they suck.

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Thursday, July 31st, 2008
4:55 pm
Quick Question
I am working on the physical appearance of my character and I was curious, do Morrow still have eyes?  And if they don't, how do they see? 

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Tuesday, July 22nd, 2008
12:40 am
Bio~Arsanta Beithir-Twilight
Arsanta Beithir (Ancient Bear) was a bear totem, a tribal animal god of an ancient elven race in a long forgotten world. He tended to his children and the lands. His primal magics he weaved into the the land and people, for many eons he lived his existence in the Hunt.

War came to the People. Many died, and reality collapsed. Arsanta was broken, and his children were few. Arsanta's power faded. His children died at the hands of the Tessorai. What few remained petrified into Wooden, and passed from their ancient faith. Arsanta quaked with rage at these fallen children of the Creator, these Tessorai.

He has studied the mysteries of Twilight ever since. No children born, and worse death created incorporeal Shades. Arsanta has watched the other side for eons. He seeks a means to gain audience with the Creator for the sake of the few good souls remaining in Twilight. He waits for his opportunity, to demand justice.

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Monday, July 21st, 2008
3:09 am
Morrow Character Idea

My understanding of the morrow is that they were originally humanoid races, but scarred themselves inorder to stop themselves from petrifying.  So if that is wrong this concept is probably off but here it goes anyways.

For untold ages, my character has observed Twilight, specifically in order to stop the petrifying.  Among his companions he worked day in, and day out, never really getting anywhere.  This caused his single-mindeness to fester and grow.  His wife, already unable to bear children.  Grew more and more isolated from her husband and community.  She also refused to partake in the ritual scarring.  Eventually, the burden of watching her love change into something completely unrecognizable along with the constant wracking pain led her to take her own life.  This was actually the first person to die in that isolated community (??) and resulting shade created a frenzy.  Even though the community was unable to harm her, the weapons still cut her metaphorically and she fled, never to be seen again.

Now without any distractions, the morrow husband continued his never ending daily work.  While his flesh was left flexible, his soul was hardened, left as without a trace of humanity to interfere with his pragmatism.  This state lasted long in the timeless Twilight.  Now however, his brethern are acting different or in a way that is dangerous (DM's help).  The only logical conclusion he could come to was to leave the underworld.  Because no matter how hostile the world above is to his kind, it is better than what he is running from (??).

Perhaps he is even searching for like-minded fellows to interefere with the insane mechanations of his bretheren.

That idea was a mix of my many ideas.  So while I can change it in large details, I don't have any other different concepts right now.

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Thursday, July 17th, 2008
12:14 pm
Azrion and Ezion - The Anasi and The Assari
The Assari are the servants of The Creator and the only native inhabitants of Tessori, the realm more commonly known as Fulcrum. The Assari consisted of three hosts: observers, chroniclers and guardians. Of the Assari two always stood out above the rest: Azrion and Ezion. They shared a bond the likes of which no being in creation could boast. The mortals would call it love, but that small word could not begin to describe the link between them. The two were considered mavericks by their peers for their ability to bend the creator's rules without ever breaking them. Despite their rogue status Azrion and Ezion were admired by many of their fellow Assari. Before the Fulcrum was shattered the Assari existed as beings of energy with no form or substance. When the crux of reality was broken the Assari were forced into humanoid form as their home become corporeal. It was then that the things began to change between Azrion and Ezion.

The two were deeply angered by their "fall." When the creator refused to rectify the situation the two began to organize a rebellion. These rebels rallied against The Creator but still He did nothing. Soon it would lead to all out war. With a blasphemous battle looming on the horizon Ezion became deeply troubled. Realizing that they were heading down the wrong path he tried to convince Azrion to give up the rebellion before they took it too far. Ezion believe The Creator must have His reasons for ignoring their pleas. Azrion would not listen. In the end Ezion failed to convince Azrion, and his former companion led his rebellion against their former comrades. The War of the Assari raged in The Heavens for untold eons, brother versus brother. Ezion and Azrion were pitted against one another on the field of battle. In the end Ezion and the faithful were successful. Azrion and his supporters were defeated. They were cast down from their lofty post and made fully corporeal. Forever more these defiant Assari would be known as The Anasi.

In the time that would follow The Anasi used their powers against the mortal realm. Unlike their former brethren, who used their limited influence to aid mortal kind, The Anasi would subtly push them toward their own destruction. The Assari could not help but wonder why The Creator would allow such insanity to continue but no answer would be forthcoming. After the Assari War The Creator withdrew from His children and would not reveal Himself. The two factions continue to oppose one another for eons... until Milon changed everything.

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Tuesday, July 15th, 2008
1:39 am
Though the primary purpose of this livejournal community is for me to keep you updated about the game throughout the week, that isn't the only thing it can be used for. Everyone should feel free to post in this group about any topic relevant to the game or our gaming group. All I ask is that you keep your posts and responses civil. Beyond that, post what you want.

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4:23 am
Small trouble with concept

I have been having a little bit of trouble coming up with a character concept for twilight.  I know I have had on two expressway trips to think about it so I have far more time.  But I think part of the problem is the evolution that Twilight has taken over time, with me still being stuck in some of the old concepts in which Twilight is where "lost" things go, along with the now native inhabitants.  I just want to make sure I have the heart of the game down before creating a character that doesn't fit with the setting.

Except for the fulcrum people, will we all be playing characters native to Twilight, or can we be drawn in from other worlds just like in the Fulcrum game?
Are our characters only really aware of our gaurded communities and whatever news is brought in from the outside, or can we be more worldly explorers?

I have several character sketches so far.  But I just wanted to verify that I was on the right track before putting too much thought into an idea and getting stuck in a rut.

One idea is a an old scholar who has been studying Twilight foreever, but just in his one little corner, never really getting anywhere.  He has been slowly becoming a part of the world around him, not unlike those rock people who watched the world go around that I posted awhile ago.  So now something is finally going to kick him off his rock to go beyond his comfort zone.  (He is probably going to be a warforged).

I have a few other concepts, but some people that I really need to talk to just showed up at my lab so I will finish it later.

To sum it up, am I on the right track?

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Monday, July 14th, 2008
4:02 pm
The largest of the Ekard, known as Ekard Soldaat, stand between 7' and 7'5".  Their scales range from green, to brown, to red with flat lizard-like faces. Unlike their smaller brethren the Ekard Soldaat posses mighty clawed hands, tails, and vestigial wings. They are powerful and imposing creatures. They are vastly skilled in the ways of combat and warfare. Despite their hulking nature the Ekard Soldaat are skilled in elemental magics. They have the ability to project elemental forces to harm their enemies. In addition many of the Ekard Soldaat take the time to study magic more fully.

The most common of the Ekard are called the Ekard Epient. In their natural form they appear as humanoid lizards the size and shape of an average human being. Their scales share the same range in color as their brethren. The Ekard Epient are able to change their shape to mimic medium sized humanoids of any race, including specific individuals. However, the Ekard Epient are unable to mimic the strange appearance of the disfigured Morrow. Ekard Seng use deceit and trickery to infiltrate other societies and manipulate them from inside. The Ekard Seng are one of the most feared creatures in all of Twilight.

The smallest and least known of the Ekard are known as the Ekard Skadu. The Skadu appear as smaller versions of their Epient brethren. Where the Epient are masters of hiding among others, the Skadu are experts at not being seen at all. When the Ekard wish to leave no trace of their actions at all the Skadu are called upon. Very few individuals in the realm are even aware of their existence.

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12:57 am
Originally the Ekard were to use the statistics of Dragonborn. Then, I had decided to make them shapeshifters using the stats of dopplegangers. I haven't really been able to make up my mind so I decided I don't have to. The Ekard are now going to be presented as a race with a caste system. They will be using the stats of dragonborn, doppleganger, and gnome. I will post more information on their background, appearance, and personalities very soon.

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Monday, July 7th, 2008
3:00 pm
The concept for this campaign was born from a dream, not unlike it's predecessor Fulcrum. Where Fulcrum was the crux that held all of existence together, Twilight is the "end" of all reality. Uncounted eons past The Creator, whatever it may be, looked upon it's work and wept. Everything had somehow gone wrong... so it was that the creator washed away everything it had done and began anew. Rather than destroy everything it had built, The Creator banished it to a dark and twisted landscape. Among those punished were The Tessorai, The Creator's first host of servants. The Tessorai were meant to protect and guide mortal kind, instead they abused their influence and helped to create the mess their creator so despised. They were given a special punishment. Though they were trapped in dark realm they were able to peer across the void and view the place they were banished from.

For time unknown the inhabitants of this realm carried on as best they could in the purgatory to which they were banished. In this dark realm no sun ever shined. The sky was a perpetual twilight. None could die a natural death but aging did not cease. Eventually the mortals of the realm would begin to change, finally becoming something all together different. With few exceptions time, such as it was in this realm, marched on with little change. That is until Milon...

Milon, on of the creator's new host, had discovered a way to enter the various realities from which he was banned. In doing he caused great damage to the whole of creation. The creator did nothing. He continued to enter the worlds directly causing more and more damage to existence. Still the creator did nothing. Finally one of the Assari, Ezion, decided to take matters into his own hands. He confronted Milon. For the first time in all creation two Assari did battle. In the end Milon won and devoured the essence of his former compatriot. Mion went on to destroy the other Assari one by one, gaining more power each time. He had lost sight of his original ideals and began a campaign to take control of everything.

Before he was finally stopped Milon had destroyed many realities. Unknown to him or any other the realties thought he destroyed had been falling into The Twilight realm. Much chaos ensued in the first several centuries as the "aliens" appeared through the realm. Many wars were fought. However, in Twilight the dead do not rest. Since there is nowhere else to go the spirits of the dead manifest as incorporeal shades, unable to interact with the world around them. Though Twilight had seen it's fair share of death in the past, never before had so many died in such a short time. The realm was covered in shades. In time the shades gave up on their own lives and began to head off to realms unknown. Some remained behind but in time even the most connected abandoned their loved ones to seek out others of their kind.

Since the great war things have settled in the realm of Twilight. There are still old fears and grudges, but the fires of war have died away. Life, if it could be called such, had returned to normal. Twilight had once again become the maddening purgatory it had been before the arrival of the new comers and it remained so for nearly a thousand years. In recent years rumors persist of the Ekard, a reptilian race from The First Kingdom had discovered a way to escape Twilight. In addition the petrified had begun to gather together in mighty fortresses. Change is coming once again to Twilight, but this time it feels different. Though they cannot put it in words the peoples of the realm can sense it.

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3:13 pm
The Twilight Campaign: Races
Below are some of the possible races available in my Twilight setting. Following the name of the race in parentheses is the name of the Players Handbook (Monster Manual) race who's statistics I will be using. This list is not definitive. I will be working on creating more playable races for the game and will listen to all ideas from players.

Anasi (half-elf): The most recent host of The Creator's servants, called The Assari, were devoured by one of their own, Milon. However, Milon did not stop there. When he had consumed all of his comrades he moved on to the fallen host, The Anasi. Though they retain their original appearance they posses none of their original power. Some have attempted to tap into their former potential, becoming warlocks. Most however, have turned to more practical means of acquiring power such as mortal magic and martial training. Ironically there are many Anasi throughout the land of Twilight but only one known Assari... Milon.

Ekard (dragonborn): Strange reptilian creatures that are rumored to have discovered a way out of Twilight. The Ekard have developed great and powerful kingdoms throughout the cursed land. They exercise their might by conquering and enslaving all "lesser" races. Some Ekard disagree with the ways of their people and try to make a life for themselves away from their society. At best they meet with fear and suspicion, at worst outright hostility.

Human: Though humans were not banished to Twilight by The Creator, many arrived because of Milon's actions. It has been over 1,000 years since Milon's defeat. Unfortunately many humans have become something entirely different due to the strange effects Twilight has on aging.

Morrow (tiefling): Strange creatures that live beneath the ground in stone labyrinths. Their faces are covered in scar tissue and are mostly featureless except for their lipless mouths. The ways of the morrow are considered strange and frightening to most other species. The spirits consider them all together unnatural. They worships strange powers and are believed to sacrifice sentient beings to these idols. It is rumored that they ritually scar themselves to stave off the strange effects Twilight has on aging. After untold ages of performing these profane rituals they have become something all together different.

The Petrified (warforged): The petrified were once members of other mortal races. However, due to the strange effects Twilight has on the aging process they slowly hardened over the ages. Their bodies are rigid and deformed. Some appear smooth like glass, others cracked or crumbling. They live in constant pain, as it takes great effort to perform any activity. Despite all this their new forms have granted them certain advantages.

Spirits (elves): These creatures were once deities in their original worlds. However, as with all such things, Twilight has robbed them of their former power. Now they must try to survive in a harsh domain like every other mortal in The Twilight Realm. Like the Anasi the spirits seem immune to the realm's strange aging affects. The spirits have long ears that rest flat against their heads. They are covered in fur except on their faces, hands, feet and chests. They have long dexterous fingers and dog-like noses. It is important to note that some individual spirits manifested in different forms or retained more of their original power, in some cases both. It is theorized that these spirits had a stronger will than their cousins.

Tessorai (drow): The forerunners of the Assari. They were banished by the creator for abusing their authority over mortal kind. They are similar in appearance to the Assari and Anasi. However they are extremely tall, gaunt, and pale. Though little is known of their ways it seems that they did not learn their lesson. They still attempt to exert control over the mortal races they encounter. Anyone in Twilight who has heard of the Tessori tries desperately to avoid meeting them.

Other Races: Because of Milon's actions and the destruction of so many realms it is possible that any race could be encountered in Twilight. However of the mortal races created in The Second Kingdom only human beings are prevalent.

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2:43 pm
Fabulous First Post
We have gotten off to a fantastic start. Much better than I could have hoped for, really. The current game is great, and the characters are all shaping up to be very interesting in and of themselves. I suspect the module will take another 2-3 games to complete at the pace we have been moving. Though it could take four if we don't slim down the tangents. I would like it to be finished before Michael leaves us. It wouldn't be very fun for him to miss the end of the only story arc he is likely to be a part of this go around. Actually I would like to work it out so the module is finished on his last day with us.

On a similar note the module is the first part in a series of three. The second and third module will be coming to us in August. The problem is that the second module is designed for characters level 4-6. If it is anything like the one we are running now that means start at level four... end at level six. To keep us from missing out on the sequel to the game we are currently playing, and to keep me from wasting 16 dollars, we might put our current game down for a short period and start up my secondary game.

The pros and cons of doing so are simple. On one hand we get to experience both game ideas right off the bat. On the other hand we risk killing the momentum of our current game. Fortunately that is still a few games away and we will have time to work that out before then.

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