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The largest of the Ekard, known as Ekard Soldaat, stand between 7' and 7'5".  Their scales range from green, to brown, to red with flat lizard-like faces. Unlike their smaller brethren the Ekard Soldaat posses mighty clawed hands, tails, and vestigial wings. They are powerful and imposing creatures. They are vastly skilled in the ways of combat and warfare. Despite their hulking nature the Ekard Soldaat are skilled in elemental magics. They have the ability to project elemental forces to harm their enemies. In addition many of the Ekard Soldaat take the time to study magic more fully.

The most common of the Ekard are called the Ekard Epient. In their natural form they appear as humanoid lizards the size and shape of an average human being. Their scales share the same range in color as their brethren. The Ekard Epient are able to change their shape to mimic medium sized humanoids of any race, including specific individuals. However, the Ekard Epient are unable to mimic the strange appearance of the disfigured Morrow. Ekard Seng use deceit and trickery to infiltrate other societies and manipulate them from inside. The Ekard Seng are one of the most feared creatures in all of Twilight.

The smallest and least known of the Ekard are known as the Ekard Skadu. The Skadu appear as smaller versions of their Epient brethren. Where the Epient are masters of hiding among others, the Skadu are experts at not being seen at all. When the Ekard wish to leave no trace of their actions at all the Skadu are called upon. Very few individuals in the realm are even aware of their existence.
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