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Small trouble with concept

I have been having a little bit of trouble coming up with a character concept for twilight.  I know I have had on two expressway trips to think about it so I have far more time.  But I think part of the problem is the evolution that Twilight has taken over time, with me still being stuck in some of the old concepts in which Twilight is where "lost" things go, along with the now native inhabitants.  I just want to make sure I have the heart of the game down before creating a character that doesn't fit with the setting.

Except for the fulcrum people, will we all be playing characters native to Twilight, or can we be drawn in from other worlds just like in the Fulcrum game?
Are our characters only really aware of our gaurded communities and whatever news is brought in from the outside, or can we be more worldly explorers?

I have several character sketches so far.  But I just wanted to verify that I was on the right track before putting too much thought into an idea and getting stuck in a rut.

One idea is a an old scholar who has been studying Twilight foreever, but just in his one little corner, never really getting anywhere.  He has been slowly becoming a part of the world around him, not unlike those rock people who watched the world go around that I posted awhile ago.  So now something is finally going to kick him off his rock to go beyond his comfort zone.  (He is probably going to be a warforged).

I have a few other concepts, but some people that I really need to talk to just showed up at my lab so I will finish it later.

To sum it up, am I on the right track?

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