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Azrion and Ezion - The Anasi and The Assari

The Assari are the servants of The Creator and the only native inhabitants of Tessori, the realm more commonly known as Fulcrum. The Assari consisted of three hosts: observers, chroniclers and guardians. Of the Assari two always stood out above the rest: Azrion and Ezion. They shared a bond the likes of which no being in creation could boast. The mortals would call it love, but that small word could not begin to describe the link between them. The two were considered mavericks by their peers for their ability to bend the creator's rules without ever breaking them. Despite their rogue status Azrion and Ezion were admired by many of their fellow Assari. Before the Fulcrum was shattered the Assari existed as beings of energy with no form or substance. When the crux of reality was broken the Assari were forced into humanoid form as their home become corporeal. It was then that the things began to change between Azrion and Ezion.

The two were deeply angered by their "fall." When the creator refused to rectify the situation the two began to organize a rebellion. These rebels rallied against The Creator but still He did nothing. Soon it would lead to all out war. With a blasphemous battle looming on the horizon Ezion became deeply troubled. Realizing that they were heading down the wrong path he tried to convince Azrion to give up the rebellion before they took it too far. Ezion believe The Creator must have His reasons for ignoring their pleas. Azrion would not listen. In the end Ezion failed to convince Azrion, and his former companion led his rebellion against their former comrades. The War of the Assari raged in The Heavens for untold eons, brother versus brother. Ezion and Azrion were pitted against one another on the field of battle. In the end Ezion and the faithful were successful. Azrion and his supporters were defeated. They were cast down from their lofty post and made fully corporeal. Forever more these defiant Assari would be known as The Anasi.

In the time that would follow The Anasi used their powers against the mortal realm. Unlike their former brethren, who used their limited influence to aid mortal kind, The Anasi would subtly push them toward their own destruction. The Assari could not help but wonder why The Creator would allow such insanity to continue but no answer would be forthcoming. After the Assari War The Creator withdrew from His children and would not reveal Himself. The two factions continue to oppose one another for eons... until Milon changed everything.
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