Andrew (natureandy) wrote in unseencircus,

Morrow Character Idea

My understanding of the morrow is that they were originally humanoid races, but scarred themselves inorder to stop themselves from petrifying.  So if that is wrong this concept is probably off but here it goes anyways.

For untold ages, my character has observed Twilight, specifically in order to stop the petrifying.  Among his companions he worked day in, and day out, never really getting anywhere.  This caused his single-mindeness to fester and grow.  His wife, already unable to bear children.  Grew more and more isolated from her husband and community.  She also refused to partake in the ritual scarring.  Eventually, the burden of watching her love change into something completely unrecognizable along with the constant wracking pain led her to take her own life.  This was actually the first person to die in that isolated community (??) and resulting shade created a frenzy.  Even though the community was unable to harm her, the weapons still cut her metaphorically and she fled, never to be seen again.

Now without any distractions, the morrow husband continued his never ending daily work.  While his flesh was left flexible, his soul was hardened, left as without a trace of humanity to interfere with his pragmatism.  This state lasted long in the timeless Twilight.  Now however, his brethern are acting different or in a way that is dangerous (DM's help).  The only logical conclusion he could come to was to leave the underworld.  Because no matter how hostile the world above is to his kind, it is better than what he is running from (??).

Perhaps he is even searching for like-minded fellows to interefere with the insane mechanations of his bretheren.

That idea was a mix of my many ideas.  So while I can change it in large details, I don't have any other different concepts right now.

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