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Bio~Arsanta Beithir-Twilight

Arsanta Beithir (Ancient Bear) was a bear totem, a tribal animal god of an ancient elven race in a long forgotten world. He tended to his children and the lands. His primal magics he weaved into the the land and people, for many eons he lived his existence in the Hunt.

War came to the People. Many died, and reality collapsed. Arsanta was broken, and his children were few. Arsanta's power faded. His children died at the hands of the Tessorai. What few remained petrified into Wooden, and passed from their ancient faith. Arsanta quaked with rage at these fallen children of the Creator, these Tessorai.

He has studied the mysteries of Twilight ever since. No children born, and worse death created incorporeal Shades. Arsanta has watched the other side for eons. He seeks a means to gain audience with the Creator for the sake of the few good souls remaining in Twilight. He waits for his opportunity, to demand justice.
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