Francis of Garden City (jariket) wrote in unseencircus,
Francis of Garden City

Fabulous First Post

We have gotten off to a fantastic start. Much better than I could have hoped for, really. The current game is great, and the characters are all shaping up to be very interesting in and of themselves. I suspect the module will take another 2-3 games to complete at the pace we have been moving. Though it could take four if we don't slim down the tangents. I would like it to be finished before Michael leaves us. It wouldn't be very fun for him to miss the end of the only story arc he is likely to be a part of this go around. Actually I would like to work it out so the module is finished on his last day with us.

On a similar note the module is the first part in a series of three. The second and third module will be coming to us in August. The problem is that the second module is designed for characters level 4-6. If it is anything like the one we are running now that means start at level four... end at level six. To keep us from missing out on the sequel to the game we are currently playing, and to keep me from wasting 16 dollars, we might put our current game down for a short period and start up my secondary game.

The pros and cons of doing so are simple. On one hand we get to experience both game ideas right off the bat. On the other hand we risk killing the momentum of our current game. Fortunately that is still a few games away and we will have time to work that out before then.
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