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Cameron and Vivin vs. The Keep on the Shadowfell

Aaron and Amy's classic side characters Cameron the Mage and Vivin the Handler are being resurrected in Fourth Edition! The two inseparable companions survived the end of the of the old multiverse and are ready create some mayhem and foolishness in the new one. Along for the ride are two our classic Planescape NPCs; Ariander Tataleus the grey elf priest of Death and Thu'gal the githyanki pariah. These four cosmic orphans find themselves in a new world, a prime world, in danger of being overtaken by their most powerful foe, Orcus.

The purpose of this endeavor is so that Aaron, Amy, and myself can learn the new system on our off time. Though I will admit there are more selfish reasons for doing this as well, namely having fun. We will be running the fourth edition module series H1-H3. This does not mean we won't run these modules later on with the full group, unless they suck.
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