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The Twilight Campaign: Races

Below are some of the possible races available in my Twilight setting. Following the name of the race in parentheses is the name of the Players Handbook (Monster Manual) race who's statistics I will be using. This list is not definitive. I will be working on creating more playable races for the game and will listen to all ideas from players.

Anasi (half-elf): The most recent host of The Creator's servants, called The Assari, were devoured by one of their own, Milon. However, Milon did not stop there. When he had consumed all of his comrades he moved on to the fallen host, The Anasi. Though they retain their original appearance they posses none of their original power. Some have attempted to tap into their former potential, becoming warlocks. Most however, have turned to more practical means of acquiring power such as mortal magic and martial training. Ironically there are many Anasi throughout the land of Twilight but only one known Assari... Milon.

Ekard (dragonborn): Strange reptilian creatures that are rumored to have discovered a way out of Twilight. The Ekard have developed great and powerful kingdoms throughout the cursed land. They exercise their might by conquering and enslaving all "lesser" races. Some Ekard disagree with the ways of their people and try to make a life for themselves away from their society. At best they meet with fear and suspicion, at worst outright hostility.

Human: Though humans were not banished to Twilight by The Creator, many arrived because of Milon's actions. It has been over 1,000 years since Milon's defeat. Unfortunately many humans have become something entirely different due to the strange effects Twilight has on aging.

Morrow (tiefling): Strange creatures that live beneath the ground in stone labyrinths. Their faces are covered in scar tissue and are mostly featureless except for their lipless mouths. The ways of the morrow are considered strange and frightening to most other species. The spirits consider them all together unnatural. They worships strange powers and are believed to sacrifice sentient beings to these idols. It is rumored that they ritually scar themselves to stave off the strange effects Twilight has on aging. After untold ages of performing these profane rituals they have become something all together different.

The Petrified (warforged): The petrified were once members of other mortal races. However, due to the strange effects Twilight has on the aging process they slowly hardened over the ages. Their bodies are rigid and deformed. Some appear smooth like glass, others cracked or crumbling. They live in constant pain, as it takes great effort to perform any activity. Despite all this their new forms have granted them certain advantages.

Spirits (elves): These creatures were once deities in their original worlds. However, as with all such things, Twilight has robbed them of their former power. Now they must try to survive in a harsh domain like every other mortal in The Twilight Realm. Like the Anasi the spirits seem immune to the realm's strange aging affects. The spirits have long ears that rest flat against their heads. They are covered in fur except on their faces, hands, feet and chests. They have long dexterous fingers and dog-like noses. It is important to note that some individual spirits manifested in different forms or retained more of their original power, in some cases both. It is theorized that these spirits had a stronger will than their cousins.

Tessorai (drow): The forerunners of the Assari. They were banished by the creator for abusing their authority over mortal kind. They are similar in appearance to the Assari and Anasi. However they are extremely tall, gaunt, and pale. Though little is known of their ways it seems that they did not learn their lesson. They still attempt to exert control over the mortal races they encounter. Anyone in Twilight who has heard of the Tessori tries desperately to avoid meeting them.

Other Races: Because of Milon's actions and the destruction of so many realms it is possible that any race could be encountered in Twilight. However of the mortal races created in The Second Kingdom only human beings are prevalent.
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